Why Choose Classic Gardener

Why Choose Classic Gardener

We are all passionate about topiary and have been propagating and clipping our own topiary for over twenty five years. We have used it throughout the design of our previous 2 acre show garden and our new barn conversion. As active members of the European Boxwood and Topiary Society we are in touch with every expert in the field.

Expert Growers

Our two acre nursery plot is positioned in an open, high site. We believe this to be an important factor in keeping our plants healthy and disease free. Our plants are nurtured to maturity using the specialised watering and feeding techniques which they enjoy to make healthy, dense foliage.

Expert Design

We allow each topiary plant to ‘speak’ to us about the shape it most naturally takes on and clip, by hand, twice a year to maintain crisp outlines and an even density. The end results are an extremely unusual collection which includes traditional cones and balls alongside modern geometrics and of course, many charming animals such as peacocks, sheep and butterflies.

Unusual and Hard to Find Shapes

Our collection always contains many unusual and hard to find shapes which create focal points or groups with exceptional impact and style. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a visit.